Land of the Free… Except You Can’t Talk About God

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G.K. Chesterton

            Soldiers go out and fight for our freedom, for their freedoms, for this country allows for that freedom. They train and risk their lives on our behalf, so that we can live our lives in relative safety. They love what they fight for.

            In recent discussions, the Pentagon has declared “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense.” Mentioning or sharing religious beliefs can be considered “acts of sedition” and can result in a court martial. This comes as the result of Pentagon discussions with Mikey Weinstein, a long time crusader against fundamentalist Christian “monsters”. Why is the Pentagon taking religious advice from such an anti-Christian source?  No one quite knows, but we can speculate that it has something do with a bigger agenda of alienating Christians and increasing the divide between Christian and non-Christian.

The Religious Tolerance Policy is advocating for soldiers to not speak of religion. It is stating that they cannot talk of one of the very freedoms they are fighting for in fear of being tried as an enemy of the state.

Our own soldiers! Enemies of the state due to religion? Really?


            Statistically speaking,  the majority of soldiers are Christians . Often religion is part of who they are. “Saying that a service member cannot speak of his faith is like telling a service member he cannot talk about his spouse or children,” Crews (executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty) said. Out of fear of being court marshaled, those people would have to remain silent. There is worry that recruiting will suffer once troops hear that their religious freedom will be suppressed.

            Not only is it seen as sedition and treason, but Weinstien has repeatedly likened it unto rape. He declares that it is “spiritually raping” others by forcing your religion and spirituality on others while they cannot defend themselves.

            The Family Research Council (FRC) has put forth a petition to abolish this ludicrous rule, declaring, “Our brave troops deserve better.”  Thousands have responded to the call to help our soldiers freedom of religion. We’ll have to see where this leads, but if the military can be tried for expressing their religious beliefs, where does that put the rest of Americans?  Will this become a wide-spread epidemic?  Will the land of the free that was founded on Christian principles outlaw one of the very freedoms that was its genesis?  What will this do to the safety of our country when men and women who may have served to protect no longer feel comfortable doing so?



3 thoughts on “Land of the Free… Except You Can’t Talk About God

  1. Awesome wisdom ! It is true our warriors can be tried as traitors if they talk about the
    thing they are fighting for. All it takes is one good man (person) to quitely standby for this to become our reality. Most believe it won’t happen, that people are just trying to get us
    all (riled up). I have been told this several times by the older people of my generation who should know better. Well then let’s stand up and get riled up. We were slow to enter the war with Hitler because no one believed that kind of thing could happen. How many died because not just one person but a whole nation stood quietly by thinking this can’t really be happening. Let hope that we can learn from the past.

  2. It’s outrageous to even consider that our country, founded by good Christian men, would stoop to such a level. The constitution even guarantees religious freedom, well this is NOT religious freedom. How can we expect to grow as a country when the very laws it was founded upon are being forgotten?

  3. In the words of the great patriot Patrick Henry; “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
    I intend to join the military in the future to defend the rights and freedoms of my family and countrymen. This ridiculous infringement upon my rights will not be any sort of cause for me to shy away from my duties as a guardian of my people. It does not scare me away. It shouldn’t scare anyone away if they wish to defend our nation. It does, however, raise the question in my head as to whether this is only the beginning of something far more sinister.

    I’m scared for the rights and freedoms of my future children and grandchildren. If the right to openly express religious beliefs to others is revoked on the civilian level, I most definitely would be thrown in prison, because my religion is who I am, and I WILL talk about it. I can only begin to imagine the effect that would have on my family. I’m sure my wife and children would have nowhere to go, and no means by which to live. Our freedoms, our rights, the American way of life, are all being pulled out from underneath us like a tablecloth, and the “magicians” don’t realize that their actions will send the whole nation crashing to the ground, with the world soon to follow.

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