Boy Scouts of America Under Attack

Over the past decade or two, and again today, the policies, principles, and values that the BSA hold dear are being brought into question. Again the issue is being pressed that the BSA should remove it’s no gay policy. Time and again BSA has withstood these attempts to change its policy, but now the organization is considering retracting the no-gay ban due to peer pressure. As a sister of a scout, I plead Don’t!

Isn’t it seen as a problem that these boys (all under 18) feel that they need to declare a sexual orientation? By declaring this orientation, it would seem that they would intend to practice it. Does it make sense to allow these boys/men who feel the need to make their homosexual proclamation to the world be involved in camping experiences with the very gender they claim inspire sexual feelings? We don’t send the girl scouts out camping with the boy scouts for a reason, and it’s okay that they have their own organization.

In the Scout oath the Scouts promise to be “morally straight”. I see a moral issue in letting homosexuals into an organization when their beliefs don’t match up with the beliefs of the organizations main oath. It would make more sense to me if homosexuals created or joined an organization that actually supports their beliefs/values instead of trying to make a long established organization like the Boy Scouts compromise their moral integrity.

Over the years numbers in scouting have been falling steadily. Will the cost of removing the ban be big enough to make a difference in the Boy Scouts overall financial success? I know that my own Latter Day Saints (LDS) brothers and their LDS and Catholic scouting friends will no longer be part of the program if the ban is removed. There are about 2 million Scouts in America, and though only 2% of the overall American population are Latter Day Saints (Mormon), nearly 20% of Scouts are affiliated with this religion. One article is quoted as saying: “It seems the Mormons aren’t afraid of throwing their weight around on issues they are concerned with and are on record as saying if the Boy Scouts of America are forced to accept gays as scoutmasters, the LDS Church will withdraw from the organization and take more than 400,000 Scouts with it.”

           D&C 115:5: “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” By standing up for our righteous standards and being true to ourselves, I believe that we will let our lights shine an example to others about holding strong to their moral integrity. Honestly, this couldn’t be more straight forward in the logic and with the spirit. How can this even be a debate?


9 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America Under Attack

  1. Hey everyone! I’m SO SORRY it has taken so long to get a new post up! I plan to be better about this and already have some new topics that I’m researching. Please leave comments concerning this post! and let me know if there are any topics that you’d like to hear about also. Enjoy

  2. I agree with you completely. The BSA should not remove the ban. Your comparison of homosexual scouts on campouts to boy scouts and girl scouts camping together was an exquisite example of the potential negative consequences of removing the ban. It was overall an awesome post.
    Great job!

  3. I agree with this completely being an lds boyscout myself. I really enjoy the program and would be very sad if they passed this thing.

  4. I agree too, getting closer to an Eagle scout it would be sad to see this program go so the organization can give into society.

    1. if the ban is removed before i get my eagle, then im not getting one at all. Ive heard stories from other troops, and the environment there is quite anti- LDS.

  5. I think more than the LDS community would withdraw. 20% of the Scouts (as of 2011) are LDS. And 20.8% are Roman Catholic. Then, you have various other religions that do not agree with this practice: majority of Christians, Islamic faiths, and Buddhism.
    The BSA enrollment ranks are depleting every year, so if this is in some way supposed to increase there numbers, they probably need a new adviser.

  6. The organisation should not remove the ban because the Church would have to pull out of the program.
    troops that allow it would be unable to camp with those troops that do not.
    troops that do not allow it would be under constant pressure to remove the restriction.
    the ramifications of removing such a restriction would be crippling to the BSA, as well as many scouts who would have to quit.

  7. God’s word is that marriage is between man and woman, not man and man or woman and woman. If the BSA allows gays to be part of something that is based on God’s commandments, then that would be going AGAINST God’s commandments. It is constantly stated by the general authorities and our youth leaders that we need to honor our values as christians rather than do what society thinks we should do. If something as christian based and wordly valued as the BSA is going to let their guard down just to make society happy, rather than God happy…I guess that means the second coming is closer than we thought.

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